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Nicholas Carroll – Editing, Book Production, and Content Architecture

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Book production: I've delivered hundreds of books from raw manuscript to print or ebook, with print ranging from short-run (print on demand) to long-run (2500+ copies).

As a book producer I get authors to press. This sometimes involves ghostwriting from transcribed tapes, often involves heavy editing or restructuring, then copyediting/proofing, and includes the "packaging" (structuring, typesetting, cover design) plus getting the book to market effectively.

Other times the author doesn't need much editing – I get several beautifully written manuscripts a year. Then the job is simply making the manuscript a professional book, and getting the author to press.

Content architecture: as a content architect I edit, rewrite, and define content architecture for high tech companies as well as the entertainment, health/wellness, legal, medical and transportation sectors, from advertising to white papers and books. I also map out broad SEO strategies for companies (a long-time skill-set that ties into content architecture), and deliver SEO writing from user-facing content to low-level structuring.

I have hands-on as well as writing and editing experience in widely varied fields including marketing, publishing, finance, real estate, law, medicine, health and wellness, retail sales, high tech and, of course, e-commerce. I work with organizations from small business to NGOs to Fortune 500 – and self-publishers.


  • My particular capabilities include:
    • Making content accessible to the target audience
    • Bringing benefits and features into focus
    • Organizing large or confusing bodies of information into a user-friendly structure, both online and in print

Nicholas Carroll

Editing, Writing, or Content Architecture: please contact me by either:
Phone: 415–810–1966

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Time zones I work in: most of the world. While I am located in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, many of my clients are on the U.S. East Coast or in Europe, so I am normally online at 9 AM U.S. Eastern time, and available by email or phone by that time. I have also worked with Asian clients on a long-term basis.

Varieties of English: I am a native speaker and writer in American, British, and Canadian English, and a fluent writer in Australian/NZ English.

Brief Biography
Writing: Nicholas Carroll has over 25 years experience in writing news, analysis, and advertising. He has been a Silicon Valley correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and a columnist for Southam syndicate. He is a contributing writer at Huffington Post, and his freelance work has appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, and Irish Times of Dublin, among others.

Editing: Hundreds of books and thousands of articles taken from final copy or raw material to print or Web publication.

High-Tech: Bio page at Hastings Research

Forthcoming Books: Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, a biography written from the perspective of someone who worked directly with Engelbart on high tech projects.

Previously Published Books: the classic Dancing with Lawyers: How To Take Charge and Get Results, Law of the Blog, Fighting Slander, and The Winding Roads of France.

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