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Defamation Expert Witness


Expert Witness Opinion, Reports, and Testimony on:

• Economic damages due to social media or word-of-mouth harm to reputation, either business or professional.

• Mainstream media defamation through negligence, actual malice, or reckless disregard of publishing standards.

• Emotional distress: a growing award, with damages assessed as exemplary (punitive) or compensatory (actuals).

Experience as an expert: 19 years of consulting on case strategy and ADR, and 8 years as an expert witness, opining and testifying in deposition and trials for over three dozen cases in Federal and state courts.

Nicholas Carroll Expert CV (PDF)

Information: Books and Articles:

Fighting Slander: A Practical and Legal Guide to Stopping Defamation
5th Edition: Introduction, Table of Contents, and link to Amazon

Articles and information on defamation law, economic damages, emotional distress, demographics, and the psychology of defamation


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Brief Biography

Knowledge of Accepted Publishing Standards:
Nicholas Carroll has over 25 years experience in writing and editing news, analysis, and advertising. He has been a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and a columnist for Southam syndicate. He is a contributing writer at the Huffington Post, has appeared in print and on air hundreds of times, and is a guest on national radio and TV venues including PBS, WABC, WOR, WGN, KGO, KABC, and CNBC, as well as BBC and Canadian CBC and CTV. He has written published reports, news, articles, ads and books.

High-Tech Background: Internet and online communications background.
Carroll worked directly for the founders and administrators of the internet, and his experience in online communications and defamation begins in the 1980s, with experience in search engine optimization and social media (SM) beginning in 1994. (His forthcoming books include Doug Engelbart: the Man, the Vision, and the Machine, a biography written from the perspective of someone who worked directly with the primary founder of personal computing.)

Emotional Distress:
Carroll has personally interviewed hundreds of people claiming defamation of character and acted as an expert witness in dozens of legal cases of defamation. An article originally published in the ABA Journal on actual damages that can be caused by emotional distress: "Emotional Distress Damages in Defamation Cases: Making and rebutting defamation emotional distress claims"

Previously Published Books: Law of the Blog, the classic Dancing with Lawyers: How To Take Charge and Get Results, and The Winding Roads of France.

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