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Build Your Career, Business, or Non-Profit With a Book

A book with your name on it instantly promotes you to "author," which completely outranks blogger, journalist, columnist, or keynote speaker. You'll find people who have written 100 times as many words as you being deferential, more people handing you their business cards and asking for yours, and your reputation doubling or tripling. More important, perhaps:

Many writers of non-fiction books have something more than book profits in mind, and rightly so. There are dozens of better ways to make money than the book itself. A partial list would include: a promotion or higher salary in your career; a kick upstairs to an assistant or full professorship; seminars; lectures; TED talks; workshops; franchises; online membership websites; crowdfunding; promoting your main business to more prospects; expert witness work; raising your consulting rates – the list is endless, and a book can leverage several of those avenues at the same time.

I work somewhat like a "book packager," with a big difference. Most book packagers are generalized book-chain marketing people who subcontract out the editing, proofing, typesetting, design, deliver the final to the printer or a mainstream publisher ... and then dump the marketing and publicity in your lap.

I'm different. I've been hands-on in every job there is in book publishing and marketing.

The benefits to you:

1. Cost. I'm not bargain-basement, because this is real work. However I don't have to cover the cost of company overhead, so I don't have to charge $25,000 like book packaging companies do.

2. You don't have to deal with a "team." You can ask me anything, and I can answer.

3. I can point you to the most promising angles for promoting and profiting from your book. Book packagers don't do this; they deliver a ready-to-print book to a publisher, and then you're on your own – or at the publisher's mercy. (Yes, I've been there and suffered that, but never again.)

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