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"Health and wellness" covers a huge range of subjects and theories, from modern stress reduction techniques to Yoga, from Vegan to Paleolithic diets, from weightlifting to core exercise, from Western medicine to alternative medicine.

I'm aware of most of these subjects, and deeply familiar with many. It does not take me long to come up to speed with a new theory. Because I started reading Western medicine early, and alternative medicine by my teens, I'm not dogmatic, and will write on most health and wellness subjects.

My background:

Exercise physiology: minored in college, running a variety of lab equipment from O2 analysis to BMI measurements at my local college, and also studying at the U.C. Davis Human Performance Laboratory. I keep up to date on current theory.

Stress reduction: I started practicing T'ai Chi 30 years ago, and also practice C'hi Kung (the meditative side of TC) and Yoga daily. My first T'ai Chi teacher was Robert W. Smith.

Exercise: I started middle-distance running in my teens. My current regimen is swimming or running, with light weightlifting and core exercises (Pilates and others) on alternate days. Familiar with athletic injuries and rehabilitation of core and joints, along with some neurobiology.

Nutrition: I'm not a big fan of processed foods, and I do extensive research into deficiency diseases. Beyond that – I've seen people live long and well on a variety of diets. As allowed, I'm not dogmatic. A lot of promising theory comes out of nowhere, and a lot comes out of Johns Hopkins University and other accredited institutions. I read both.

Subjects I do not cover: acupuncture, shiatsu, and advanced Yoga. (I can write on C'hi Kung, because that comes with the long-term practice of T'ai Chi.)

Please see my home page, with contact email, phone number, and links to my portfolio: I'm available by phone or Skype. The home page is oriented towards writing in general, so please email or call if you have any questions about my health and wellness background.

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