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I have had parallel careers in high-tech and writing, so I can edit copy by computer engineers into copy that speaks to technical people, non-technical people, or both at the same time; I bridge the gap.

Is this important? Yes. Very. As a senior technical employee at Fortune 500 companies, I have vetoed multi-million dollar software and services purchases because the salespeople could not explain the technical features of their products. At the same time I've watched vendors' technical gurus lose sales by trying to dazzle non-technical executives with technical detail. This is why your written materials need to speak to both audiences.

My professional background in editing/writing tech includes:

For techies – specification sheets, FAQs, tutorials, technical proof-of-concept copy, whitepapers, and reports on studies.

For non-technical people – advertisements, brochures, FAQs, website copy, position papers, plain-English whitepapers, emails, news releases, and newspaper columns.

I can also write technical manuals, and the readers say they like them. They call them "lively" and "understandable." However there are many competent technical writers. There are very few people with both hands-on tech and writing backgrounds, so the best use of my skills is usually to bridge the gap between tech and non-tech ... while still speaking to the tech people. If you are having trouble communicating the benefits of your service or product to prospective clients at both levels, I can help.

My professional high tech background: programmer, systems integrator, database design from RDBMS through multi-dimensional databases and distributed storage, software designer, information architecture (IA), information design (IxD/ID), user experience (UE/UX), usability, website development, SEO, and web analytics (now called digital analytics). A brief tech bio:

Please see my home page, with contact email, phone number, and links to my portfolio: . I'm available by phone or Skype. The home page is oriented towards writing in general, so please email or call if you have any questions about my high tech background.

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