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I edit/write legal copy for the layperson, including plain English explanations of legal issues and services, marketing copy, website copy, blog posts, whitepapers, and entire.

Why subcontract out legal editing or rewriting? For the same reason a chemist, biologist, or astronomer might contract out their writing – too much expertise can make it hard to communicate with the lay reader. Since I am an editor/writer first, and a long-time student of the law second, I can bridge that gap.

My legal writing background:

  • Legal columns for national newspapers (on law, not court reporting)
  • Several legal and legal/financial books – some of them on the shelves of law school libraries – including Fighting Slander, a lay guide to defamation of character; Law of the Blog, a guide to online publishing; and Walk Away From Debt, a legal/financial guide to personal financial crisis.
  • Hundreds of pages of website copy selling legal services and publications.

My areas of familiarity: defamation of character, debt resolution, publishing, print and video copyright, wills & trusts, incorporation, contracts, business law, tax, real estate, torts, equitable remedies, child rights, and criminal law.

Please see my home page, with contact email, phone number, and links to my portfolio: . I'm available by phone or Skype. The home page is oriented towards writing in general, so please email or call if you have any questions about my legal background.

Nicholas Carroll

PS. If you are thinking about writing a book to boost recognition or branding for yourself or your legal practice – I am also a book producer, taking books from manuscript to press or ebook.

Editing or Book Production: please contact me by either:
Phone: 415–810–1966

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