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I can edit or write medically accurate copy in plain language that patients can understand, from simple explanatory brochures – or website copy – to more extensive descriptions of diseases, trauma, diagnostics, and treatments from procedures through pharmacology. (Though there is no shortage of colored anatomical charts to put on an office wall or website, I believe that patients who never studied anatomy can better understand their bodies with the help of clear writing.)

Physicians, nurses, and hospitals on the whole do a good job of translating technical concepts into lay language. As a editor and writer who has studied medicine, I like to think I can do even better. If you feel that your written material is not fully communicating with your patients, please contact me.

This is a partial list of diseases and conditions I have studied, written about, treated, or survived:

Arterio/atherosclerosis; deficiency diseases including scurvy, goiter, and general malnutrition; dehydration; Lyme disease(s)/syndrome and RMS; SAD; the hormone system; neurology and neurobiology; sports injuries; osteoporosis; hip replacement; chronic and labile hypertension; sciatica; PVDs, retinal detachment, and iritis; diabetes; the immune system(s); trigeminal neuralgia; Asperger's and autism treatment; disability research; hernias and collagen detachment; rabies; tropical diseases (including cholera, dysentery, amoebisasis, and low-grade enteritis); hypothermia and frostbite; anhidrotic heat exhaustion and simple heat exhaustion; anaphylactic shock; shingles; exzema; etc.

Contact me, and you may be pleasantly surprised. I can spell ankylosing spondylitis or sphygmomanometer without consulting a dictionary.

(The startling advances of medical research in recent decades mean I am not current on everything – any more than a physician can be, unless they are a specialist – but I can come up to speed very quickly.)

Please see my home page, with contact email, phone number, and links to my portfolio: I'm available by email, phone, or Skype. My home page is oriented towards writing in general, so please email or call if you have any questions about my medical background.

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