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I am a Registered Supplier to Stanford University (Stanford supplier # on request), and can accept assignments from any Stanford department or PI, without any red tape on your part.

With 25 years in journalism and editing, I can address most subjects. The majority of my work for universities falls in these categories:

• Editing: editing of academic writing for general consumption on university websites. Some of this is editing academic papers for the public. A lot of it is heavy editing of writing by scholars to whom English is a second language, or copyediting material by native British or Commonwealth writers into U.S. English.

• Writing: writing original content and heavy editing of pre-written drafts for white papers, presentations, journal articles, blogs, webpages, and more.

• Content strategy: creating content architecture and flow for websites and other digital media; tuning editorial calendars and content production. (I have sent dozens of books to press, and revised workflow on hundreds of websites.)

• Politics and diplomacy: rewriting and repositioning papers so that they please everyone and offend no one – or coming close enough that one Stanford department was pleased to assign me their impossible jobs.

The areas where I am up to speed almost immediately are medicine and engineering, including computer science.

Medical Writing. (I'm currently writing for the Stanford India Health Policy Initiative.)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Started CS with Fortran IV and assembler. I learned UE/UX from Doug Engelbart at SRI, and the fundamentals of electrical engineering much earlier, with a soldering iron and breadboards, later on with FPGAs.


Phone: 415–810–1966 (U.S. Pacific Time)

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