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Personal and Practical Realities of Defamation

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This section will contain a series of short articles about the human and social side of defamation. Legal solutions are not always the best solutions – and what defamation can do to your sanity and self-esteem can be a lot worse than the social or financial consequences.

These papers are based on two sources of information:

First, seventeen years of research resulting from writing the book Fighting Slander, which led to many hundreds of conversations and email exchanges with readers about their slander or libel problems. Call it an ethnographic study (field study); it is hard to see how defamation could be studied in a clinical laboratory setting anyway.

Second, the (anonymized) data from sales of the ebook, and somewhat over one million total website visitors, which was sorted and analyzed by geographic regions, types of organizations, etc., all gleaned from visitor logs. (Individual customer data is not for sale.)

These are not legal or how-to papers; I've covered those subjects in the previous section "Legal Information About Defamation of Character" and the book Fighting Slander (5th edition forthcoming on Amazon). However, for readers who are being defamed, I hope the articles provide some insight on how, why, and where defamation begins, and why it continues. – Nicholas Carroll

The Psychology of Defamation Victims: How Slander and Libel Affect Victims' Thinking, Moods, and Behavior

Demographics of Defamation in the United States by Geographic Region

    The Demographics of Defamation: General Methodology

Defamation In the Workplace: Blue-Collar vs. White-Collar Jobs


Education: K-12, both public and private schools • Higher Learning - colleges and universities

Non-profit Organizations: Churches • Charities • Homeowners' Associations (HOAs)

Professional Defamation (in or outside the workplace)

Business Defamation

Internet and Online Defamation

Measuring the Negative Impact of Defamation

Defamation by Sociopaths

How these articles get written: somebody motivates me by emailing me and asking me for more information. Then I get to work and finish it!

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