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Marketing Editing, Writing, and Information Design for website copy, advertising, position papers, and white papers.
Clients from 2000-present include:
American Society for Information Science & Technology  •  Digital Fortress Datacenter  •  The Daozang Translation Project  •  Gleanster  •  Half Price Computer Books  •  Hotwire  •  IBM  •  IDG Magazines  •  IKON  •  Harrison-Hoge Industries (SeaEagle division)  •  Imagine Lifestyles  •  Innovatech Labs  •  J&O Fabrics  •  Leaflet Online  •  The Library of Congress  •  Lowell International Realty  •  McKesson Health Care  •  Mirror Images  •  Myokinesis Fitness  •  Nimsoft  •  Rain Creek Baking  •  Raymond Phoenix Institute  •  REVroi  •  Slashdot  •  Sourceforge  •  STAND Affordable Housing  •  Stanford/Hawaii Archimedes Project  •  Wake Forest Health Center  •  UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Science (GSEIS)  •  Wikimedia Foundation  •  Xerox PARC
    Many of these writing contracts included substantial hands-on work in IA, ID, UE/UX, and content-based SEO.

"How to Create Engaging Content for Lead Nurturing Campaigns", (Free download.)
"2014 CRM for Small and Midsize Businesses", (Free download.)
Wireless Usability Report 2001-2002, 52 pages, illustrated. October 2001, Hastings Research for IDG Magazines. (Free download, no registration needed.)

Position Papers & Presentations
Position papers for the Stanford-Hawaii Archimedes Project:
Archimedes Project in a Nutshell.doc
Creating the Future IDEAL Classroom (co-author)

Technical Articles
• "Search Engine Optimization and User Behavior." Article was commissioned by UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and published in the 2010 Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences. PDF version of article.
   Republished in Understanding Information Retrieval Systems: Management, Types, and Standards, 2010.
"The Rise of the Stupid Chip: MCUs No Longer Embed-and-Forget." OSDN (Open Source Developers Network). April, 2003
The Anti-Thesaurus: A Proposal For Improving Internet Search While Reducing Unnecessary Traffic Loads." November, 2001 (Proposal endorsed by ICANN and Search Engine Watch.)
• "Technical and Human Considerations In Creating Precision Hyperlinks." November, 2001

Dancing with Lawyers: How To Take Charge and Get Results, First Edition. (Second Edition Random House, 1997). Third Edition March 2013
Fighting Slander, 2003. Fourth Edition, 2012
Law of The Blog, 2007
The Winding Roads of France, 1991
    Plus four anonymously ghost-written non-fiction books.

While Silicon Valley correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Oregonian, and the Toronto Globe and Mail:
The Linux Bandwagon - Chicago Tribune
Installer Draws Crowds at Linux Convention - Chicago Tribune
Linux Labor Pool - Chicago Tribune
E-tailers' concrete history lays foundation - Oregonian
The Achilles' heels of your computer security - Toronto Globe and Mail

Newspaper Columns
Ecommerce and hightech columns for Southam Syndicate (these examples are from the Vancouver Sun):
Little guys unite to get attention
Wrestling with the Penguin
Peek inside the Linux 'distributions'

E-commerce Articles and Essays
• "Deconstructing Knowledge: Content Management Replaces Social Engineering." November, 2003
• "The Future of End Users and Info Pros in Information Retrieval." Searcher: the Magazine for Database Professionals. June 2003
• "Spinning the Web: The Realities of Online Reputation Management." February, 2003
• "Taunting the Gods of Business." September, 1999 (Essay on the coming end of the dot-com bubble.)
• "The Penguin, the Press, and the Marketplace: The viability of Linux as a mainstream operating system." February, 1999

• News releases and collateral for Stanford Research Institute when Doug Engelbart was awarded the National Technology Medal for the invention of the computer mouse.

• Conference paper: "Ted Nelson's ZigZag and How It Can Serve as a Data Structure or Map for Multi-Dimensional Constructs", July 2002. Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Portland, OR.

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